100 happy days – week 2

This week has been crazy busy; I’m just now sitting down to relax for a couple of hours before going back to work and starting all over again. I’m hoping that next week things will calm down and I might have time for a bit of a life again. But the good news is I’m still remembering (although only just, in a couple of cases) to take my happy day photos. So here we go with week 2:

Day 10: yes, this was one of the days I nearly forgot to take a photo (in case that isn’t obvious!) and it was difficult to get an exciting photo of ‘going to the cinema’ anyway. I’m led to believe they frown on you taking photos while the film’s playing. But anyway – a lovely evening of half price tapas and The Railway Man with friends.
Cinema trip

Day 11: Apparently it was Blue Monday, although personally I didn’t find it any more depressing than any other Monday. And then I went on Twitter and discovered it was Penguin Awareness Day. And it’s very hard not to love penguins, especially cute ones like these.Penguin Awareness Day

Day 12: One of the downsides of working in London is that I tend to take for granted the sights that tourists get very excited about. For example, every morning I pass the London Eye on the train without giving it a second glance. So on Tuesday I decided to take a brief detour on my way to the tube station to take this photo of the London Eye disappearing in the fog.London Eye in the fog

Day 13: It’s no secret that I love books, and in fact that’s one of the perks of working in London – I get plenty of reading time on the train. On Wednesday I was nearing the end of a particularly gripping thriller and was dying to know if I’d guessed the twist right (I had). This meant I couldn’t wait to get on the train to go home and finish reading. I love that feeling of being so hooked you can’t put a book down. (Or a Kindle. Same difference.)


Day 14: On Thursday I was working at a trade show at ExCeL, which is much closer to where I live than my usual office. This meant that, for once, I got to sleep in whereas some of my colleagues had a long journey. Not being a morning person, this made me very happy indeed. I usually get on a train at 7.26am, but on Thursday I was still in bed. And I still arrived at work 50 minutes early.Sleeping in

Day 15: That same trade show, where I also worked on Friday, meant I had to stand around in high heels for eight hours each day, meeting a lot of people who arrived at the stand, looked at it and asked, ‘What’s this then?’ There’s only so many times you can answer such a general question before it gets a bit exhausting. Not to mention by the end of Friday my feet hurt. A lot. So getting home and taking off the heels was definitely the highlight of my day.

Sore feet

Day 16: Cadbury are well-known for making TV ads that are about being happy. First, there was the drumming gorilla. Then there were the kids with freaky dancing eyebrows. And now, we have this guy. I’m literally in love with this advert – it makes me laugh every time and I may well be doing a little boogie the next time I find myself on hold at work. This is the full ad – I defy you to watch it without smiling.

Cadbury TV ad

Day 17: And so to today, which has been horrible. It’s been windy, and wet – and I haven’t left the house. I’ve stayed in, out of the rain, watching the bad weather and feeling very glad to be indoors. Now I’m just hoping it’s cleared up by the morning…

Rainy day

Have a great week, everyone!


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