100 Happy Days – week 1

I’m now a little over a week into the 100 Happy Days challenge and haven’t given up yet, although admittedly some days have been easier than others. Day 1, as you know, was the unexpected treat of a banana pancake breakfast at work. Here goes with the rest of week 1 (and a bit):

Day 2: Not exactly a happy thing as such, but it made me giggle. I was in Euston Station with my sister and heard an announcement for this train to Tring. I was convinced the lady said ‘King’s Landing’ (one for the Game of Thrones fans there) and got quite excited. Slightly disappointed when I realised it was just Kings Langley.

#100happydays Day 2

Day 3: I decided to go out for a walk on Sunday, just to get a bit of fresh air. On my way out I discovered a path I’d never noticed before and decided to follow it. I ended up walking about six miles into nearby Bean village, before heading home via Asda to buy myself a treat for dinner.

#100happydays Day 3

Day 4: I had plans for Monday evening, but unfortunately they fell through when I got stuck on a slow-moving tube, missed my train, and got soaked in a torrential downpour, just to add insult to injury. So instead I went home, curled up on the sofa, had a cup of tea and watched The Great Sport Relief Bake Off. And a bit of University Challenge.

#100happydays Day 4

Day 5: Last summer, I found out I’d passed the final assignment of my marketing diploma, which was good news. What they didn’t tell me was that I had to apply (and pay) for an exemption on one unit before they’d give me the qualification. Several months, £85 and a lot of emails later, I finally got confirmation on Tuesday that this had all gone through and I’ll be getting my diploma. The downside is it won’t be arriving till May, so in its absence I took a picture of my text books. Good to know it was worth buying them.
#100happydays Day 5

Day 6: Slight cheat on Wednesday as I used an old photo. Whilst writing a blog post for work about some of the most amazing places in the world, I got a chance to reminisce about Kayaköy, an abandoned ghost village in Turkey, which I visited in October 2012 with some friends. Good memories, and a chance to look through my photos again 🙂#100happydays Day 6

Day 7: A second appearance by pancakes – but this time representing an office tradition. Thursday is Ladies’ Lunch Day, something we’ve been doing now for a couple of years. Considering we’re not very good at maintaining traditions, this is quite an achievement. We invite the boys to join us sometimes, but only if they wear heels. So far, none of them have taken us up on the offer.#100happydays Day 7

Day 8: Friday was not a good day. I got soaked (again) on the way to work (I really need to get a new umbrella). My handbag broke. I nearly got run over when a driver jumped a red light as I was stepping off the kerb. Then I left work early for an appointment, which got cancelled when I was halfway home. So I wasn’t in the best mood and decided to go shopping to cheer myself up. On my way back home I noticed the moon, which was huge and beautiful. This led to a very enjoyable half hour spent running around trying to get a good photo of it. None of my efforts really did it justice, but this was the best one.#100happydays Day 8Day 9: No competition yesterday – a trip to the Barbican to see David Tennant in Richard II. I’ve been looking forward to this for a very long time (about a year since we booked the tickets) as he’s one of my favourite actors, and yes ok, I have a bit of a crush on him. And I’m pleased to report that even with very dodgy hair, he was as brilliant as I expected. As were the rest of the cast; the whole play was fantastic and well worth the wait.
#100happydays Day 9

So far, so good…


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