Challenge accepted…

So today, thanks to the Innocent Drinks newsletter, I found out about 100 Happy Days. This is a challenge that could have been made for this blog, so I’ve jumped at the chance to get involved.

The idea is simple – every day you post a photo (on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, wherever you like) of something that’s made you happy that day. And obviously the goal is to make us stop and take a bit of time each day to appreciate these things, amidst the busy and hectic lives we all lead.

I’ve therefore started my challenge today, with this picture of my breakfast. That’s not as weird as it sounds; one of my colleagues came in this morning and made banana pancakes for everyone. The whole episode was fairly (but not untypically) chaotic because she only had one pan, and at one point thought she was going to have to make the batter in a fruit bowl. Also, due to a problem with our dishwasher, we only had two plates between us all, and no cutlery. Cue a line of people standing in the kitchen waiting for the person in front of them to finish eating their pancake and wash up the plate, before handing it on. But it was all very good-natured and the pancakes were delicious; it was a great start to the day.

Banana pancake for breakfast

So that was today. Only 99 days to go. I’ll be posting my pictures on Twitter each day and will share weekly updates on here. Wish me luck…


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