What next…?

It’s been a bit of a momentous couple of weeks. First, I finally, nearly five years after moving into my flat, have pictures on the walls, courtesy of my lovely and endlessly patient Dad, who had to do it for me because my DIY skills are non-existent and the only tools I’ve got are a screwdriver and a giant mallet, which my friend and I bought when we got our first flat together, because we couldn’t find a hammer and needed to build a bookcase. Oh, and some pliers. I think.


Besides the pictures, I’ve also just about finished unpacking, after going through the boxes I stashed under my bed when I moved in and haven’t opened since. Most of the contents went in the bin, because I figured if I haven’t needed any of it in five years, chances are I probably won’t ever need it (well I hope so, anyway, because I’ve thrown it all out now). It’s amazing how therapeutic it is to throw out ten bags of rubbish and rearrange the furniture, then realise you can actually see the floor for the first time in years. It feels like I’ve finally moved in properly. Better late than never, I suppose.

And that’s not even all. A few weeks ago I mentioned my addiction to The Great British Bake Off. In that post I said I might try baking myself, but I didn’t really believe I’d get around to it. Turns out I was wrong though, because last weekend, on a whim, I decided to make some scones. Now I realise they’re the easiest things in the world to make (even though I made quite hard work of it, if you can believe that) but I’m pretty proud of myself and have been handing out scones left and right ever since, whether people want them or not. My friend’s challenged me to bake a life-size Captain Jack Sparrow like this one before I see her on Sunday, but I’m not sure I’m quite up to that yet – maybe next year – so she may have to settle for scones too.


I’ve even made plans to meet up with a friend of a friend to speak Spanish. But more on that later, when it’s actually happened.

Who knows what I’ll do next?! Maybe I’ll even get my Christmas shopping done. Although that may be taking things a bit far…


3 thoughts on “What next…?

  1. What I’ve learnt this week is that sometimes you need to tell people you’re doing/going to do something if you really want to do it but know you might chicken out or simply procrastinate. Something about having someone else hold you accountable, I think. But still, you are the one who has to actually do it – so well done and I look forward to hearing what happens next!!

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