1,000 reasons to be happy

My blog just passed 1,000 page views!

Obviously anyone who knows anything about website stuff (or even those who don’t) would say that the number of page views isn’t much use as an analytic. For all I know, it’s my mum clicking on the blog 20 times a day (hi, Mum!) – but it still feels like a bit of a milestone.

A couple of weeks ago I went to London for the day with my sister Caz, who’s taking a photography class. Her brief was street photography and candid shots, which scared her a bit, so I went along for moral support (and to keep people from beating her up and breaking her camera). I found as we wandered the streets of London looking for interesting characters that it made me look at the world in a different way, and actually pay attention to what was going on around me. I spend a lot of time in London and sometimes forget what an interesting place it can be. For instance, near work there’s a man who likes to walk around with a parrot on each shoulder. One lunchtime recently, I passed him when I was out with a new colleague, who was amazed that I’d totally failed to notice such a bizarre sight.

I find writing this blog is very similar to the photography assignment. I started it as a bit of fun; having been forced to write a blog on a fairly uninspiring topic for a marketing assignment, I decided to start over on a subject I actually cared about. And just as looking for photography subjects made me appreciate the world around me, I’ve found that thinking up ideas to write about has made me spend more time considering the things that matter to me and that make me happy. I still enjoy a good rant (well, who doesn’t?) and can be a bit grumpy, particularly when I’m tired or hungry – I’m very much like a toddler in that respect. But whereas with the previous blog I found I really struggled to come up with anything interesting to say, that’s not a problem I have any more, which seems like it can only be a good thing.

Also, I’ve discovered I really love blogging. I’ve always enjoyed writing but thought I preferred fiction, mostly because I never really felt I had anything particularly exciting to say as myself. And I’m under no illusions that this is the most thrilling blog in the world, but I love that feeling after I get an idea for a post, and find I’m writing it in my head before I even get to the computer. And when I hit publish, yes there’s that small moment of panic that I’ve just written a load of rubbish, but over and above that is a feeling of satisfaction that I’ve said what I want to say and the hope that someone, somewhere will find it interesting (besides my mum, that is).

My goal now is to reach 100 followers by Christmas – not because I really expect anyone to listen to my ramblings but because I’d like to think it might encourage other people to spend a bit of time looking at the good things in life. Trust me, it’s a lot more fun than moaning about stuff šŸ˜‰



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