Can’t bake, might bake…?

So Great British Bake Off is over for another year. Don’t worry, I won’t say who won. But I will say that it was a woman…

I’m a bit addicted to this show, which is quite odd considering I’ve literally never baked anything in my life, except maybe at school when they made me. Apart from that, the closest I’ve ever got is helping make lots of cupcakes for my friend Cheryl’s wedding last year. And by helping, I mean holding a tea towel up to stop icing sugar getting all over her kitchen, and sprinkling bits of chocolate on top of the finished cakes before putting them in bags and tying ribbons on to them. Oh – and the idea for the strawberry daiquiri cupcakes came from a book I bought her for her birthday. That counts, right?

Chocolate cupcakes
I had very little to do with these cakes.
Strawberry daiquiri cupcakes
Or these.

I may not bake cakes, but I have no problem eating them. Which is just as well, because my sister bakes, my friends bake and my colleagues definitely bake. In fact they’ve started a Bake Club (and by telling you this, I’m breaking the first rule of Bake Club), which means we get to eat a lot of cake. And cheesecake. And profiteroles. And cake pops. I didn’t even know cake pops were a thing! Very exciting.

So as a non-baker, I’m not really sure what the appeal of Bake Off is. I don’t even fancy Paul Hollywood. Well, not much. (Although I did get quite excited the other day when I thought a friend had seen him on the tube. And then I was disappointed when I realised she’d said ‘a guy from Bake Off’, not ‘the guy from Bake Off’.) I would quite like to hang out with Mel and Sue, though. And I want to go to Mary Berry’s house for tea.

I think maybe what I enjoy is the simplicity of it all. Each week the contestants have three challenges, then one of them gets Star Baker and one gets sent home by Paul and Mary. There’s no flash voting, judges’ houses or endless recaps. The final isn’t held at Wembley. And there’s no Bruce Forsyth, which is an extra bonus. It’s just a bunch of people in a tent in the middle of the English countryside, baking cakes, while Mel and Sue make bad puns, get in the way and destroy all the bakers’ hard work in ill-fated attempts to help.

Watching it really makes me want to start baking, though. I’ve even bought a book, although I’ve yet to actually make anything out of it. First I think I need to get some cake tins. And learn how to crack eggs. Then figure out how to transport cakes on the train to work so I can join Bake Club. Oops, I talked about it again.


5 thoughts on “Can’t bake, might bake…?

  1. Ready, steady, bake! Oddly, as someone who enjoys baking, this was the first series of GBBO that I had watched. It was fun! And made me want to indulge in a spot of baking too. The appeal for me (in baking, I mean) is that it is very logical and step-by-step – I am very much a recipe cook – but also allows for some creativity. My favourite was the pink cake I made for a friend’s birthday, with a chocolate mousse through the middle. Oh and the super rich chocolate cake. Must dig out some of my recipes!

    1. I knew what you meant 😉 Maybe I’ll start with something really simple and work up. It might be a bit soon for a pink cake with mousse in the middle! Sounds good though 😉

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