Spiders can’t fly, and other happy facts

I realised upon reflection that yesterday’s post was not exactly what you’d call a ‘happy thing’. I feel a bit bad about that, so in an attempt to balance it out, here are 30 of the world’s happiest facts.

Some of my favourites:

– Someone, somewhere, is having the best day of their life.

– Otters hold hands when sleeping so they don’t drift away from each other.

– The Beatles used ‘love’ 613 times in their songs.

– Cows have best friends.

– Baby puffins are called pufflings.

Are you smiling yet? If not, why not?!

If all else fails, just remember that it’s Friday tomorrow. In fact depending where you’re reading this, it might be Friday already 🙂

And here’s a picture of a fluffy duckling.

Fluffy duckling at Leeds CastleToo much?


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