So this is what I’ve been missing…?

I’m treating myself this evening; earlier today I found out that I passed the final assignment in my marketing diploma, which means you can now call me Liz Dyer BA (Hons) DipCAM (DigitalM). (I mean, you can if you want; you don’t have to.)

Studying seemed like a really good idea two years ago, before I remembered that it’s actually quite hard work. The last assignment was particularly evil – not only did I have the actual thing to write but before I could even start I had to create a blog, and not even a fun blog like this one; they gave me a list of really boring subjects to choose from. Then I had to bully all my friends and family to read it and comment on it, whether they wanted to or not, so I could analyse the traffic. Yes, it was exactly as much fun as it sounds. And when I was done with that, I had to start the actual assignment, which took forever.

Marketing books
Just a few of my lovely marketing textbooks. In case I ever need some light bedtime reading…

Another thing I’d forgotten from my days as a student is how good I am at procrastinating. The short answer is – I’m really good. It’s amazing how many fascinating things there are to do when faced with reading a marketing textbook. My flat’s never been so clean. All I can say is, it’s lucky there was no Facebook when I was at uni or I might still be there now.

I’m also a perfectionist, so eventually one of my colleagues had to take the assignment away from me and threaten to charge me £10 every time I took it back to make any changes. (And believe me, she’d have done it.)

Anyway – what was my point? Oh right – so I passed. Yay! 😀

Because I wasn’t convinced the result was going to be a good one, I didn’t plan any celebration for tonight, as it seemed a bit like tempting fate – so I had to improvise. Cue Pimm’s and lemonade, ice cream and Footloose on the TV (it was a choice between that and Twilight, and I couldn’t quite put myself through that again. And I may have just got myself disowned by at least two of my friends). I’ve somehow managed to get to 31 without ever seeing Footloose, and it turns out it’s not quite the fluffy chick flick I’d somehow decided it was, what with the teenagers with a death wish, religious zealots burning books (gasp) and let’s not even mention Kevin Bacon’s scary hair. But I’m guessing it’s going to end well, presumably with everyone dancing their troubles away.

Oh, there we go.

Well, I guess that’s one I can cross off my list. It’s no Dirty Dancing (I have been known to just watch the final scene on repeat – mostly at uni when I was avoiding studying), but it was quite fun, although I still think Kevin Bacon’s a bit odd-looking. Any more recommendations for me?


4 thoughts on “So this is what I’ve been missing…?

  1. I am just grateful you watched the original and not the god-awful remake. I take it you’ve seen The Notebook – if not, why not? Officer and a Gentleman (now that’s a film where you will watch the final scene on repeat too!) x

    1. I have seen The Notebook, hate to say it but I couldn’t quite see what all the fuss was about (I’m not helping myself here am I?) – Officer and a Gentleman is on my list although I think I may have seen the final scene before the rest of it! And I didn’t even know there was a remake of Footloose…

      1. I’m unfollowing you right now. Not like The Notebook! Shocking. The remake came out last year, looked terrible – couldn’t bring myself to watch it. No-one can replace the Bacon

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