It’s cold in this country

I’ve just got back from a few days in Fethiye, Turkey, visiting my friend Sian. She moved there a couple of months ago, along with her two cats, to start a new life in the sun.

And wow, was it sunny.

Is that all?
Is that all?

Being of a particularly fair complexion, I started every day by very sensibly smothering myself in sun cream. You might think this means I didn’t get sunburnt. Sadly, you’d be wrong. I’ve got some very odd tan lines; my feet are an especially interesting sight.

The heat meant that we spent a lot of time relaxing, which was exactly what I wanted after a fairly hectic few months. That said, we weren’t totally idle; we did a lot of walking, with regular breaks to sit in the shade and drink Diet Coke, whilst gazing out to sea reflecting on how very tough our lives were. We also took a boat trip, which was my birthday present from Sian, and which she’s written a blog post about (I recommend her blog, by the way).

Fortunately we were in full agreement that we wanted a quiet day out, not a party boat (in fact our expressions of horror when said party boat arrived matched everyone else’s in our group), and the trip totally delivered. Lovely views, nice people, good food; what more could we want? Cue more gazing out to sea, reflecting on the hardships of life, etc.


We also managed to fit in a bit of shopping; a highlight was the Turkish delight shop, where we were encouraged to taste as many samples as we liked. So while I was choosing a selection for my work colleagues (to make up for not sharing my chocolate pizza) my friend took full advantage of that opportunity.

The holiday also provided me with lots of photo opportunities. One thing readers of this blog will soon realise is that I really love a nice sunset, especially over water. And seriously, with sights like this, who can blame me?

Anyway, now I’m back home in Kent, and not overly impressed with the weather. I had to wear a jacket today. What’s that about?


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