Human mobiles, chocolate pizzas and Jason Statham

Yesterday was my birthday and in traditional style I managed to make it last several days. Technically it’s still not quite over, but more on that later.

The celebrations kicked off with a meal on Saturday evening in Rochester. Having arrived a bit early, my friend Sandie and I took a wander up to the castle, to be greeted by this bizarre yet weirdly brilliant human mobile (part of the Medway Fuse Festival, in case you were wondering). By the way, they’re not just hanging there, they’re drumming. Obviously.

Human mobile
The Transe Express Mobile Homme, over Rochester Castle

Then on Sunday, I had a lovely day out with my family as a joint Father’s Day/birthday celebration. Putting our faith in the weather forecast, we headed for Bedgebury Pinetum, reassuring ourselves all the way that the pouring rain would stop when we got there. Naturally it didn’t, and we ended up eating our picnic lunch in the car, which in a weird way was really fun as it reminded me of our family holidays when I was younger. Then we decided to head out for a walk in the rain, at which point the sun came out 🙂 And finally we arrived back at my parents’ house just in time to see the end of the Queen’s final (and Andy Murray smiling – yes, it does happen).

Yesterday was my actual birthday, so I went up to London with my friend Lorraine for dinner and a show (Rock of Ages – great fun and completely ridiculous). On the way to the theatre we noticed a big crowd in Leicester Square, so we headed over to see what was going on, and it turned out to be Jason Statham arriving for the premiere of his new film, er – that new film he’s in. I didn’t take a photo because he was facing the wrong way and there were quite a lot of people in front of us. But hey, I can now proudly say that I’ve seen the back of Jason Statham’s head. I probably won’t. But I can.

And so to today. I arrived back at work this morning to find on my desk another birthday present, which was exciting enough, but then I opened it to find … a chocolate pizza. Yes that’s right, a chocolate pizza. This created quite a stir in the office, although my colleagues slightly lost interest once they realised they weren’t getting any. Sorry guys :-/


Finally, thank you to everyone who made my birthday weekend special. You’re all fab 🙂


3 thoughts on “Human mobiles, chocolate pizzas and Jason Statham

  1. Is it bad that I probably wouldn’t recognise Jason Statham even if he stood in front of me holding a sign that read ‘my name’s Jason Statham’?!

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