Happy thoughts for the day

This week is proving to be a bit of a non-stop whirlwind of slightly out of the ordinariness (is that a word?).

Last night I took part in my first pub quiz in quite a long time, with my work colleagues. We came second – down entirely to my team mates; beyond recognising the theme tune from Ugly Betty, and surprising myself at the speed with which I rearranged the letters of ISSUANCES into another 9-letter word (anyone?), I was pretty useless. I also failed as both a book lover and a woman by forgetting Mr Darcy’s first name (hangs head in utter shame).

More randomness on the way – from watching my boss on Panorama tonight in the company of some people from the BBC, to attending a TED talk session on Friday and then going to a reception at the Houses of Parliament.

And this weekend it’s my birthday! (That’s not out of the ordinary obviously, it happens every year.)

Anyway because of all this I haven’t had time to write a decent blog post, so I just thought I’d share a couple of quotes that friends have posted on Facebook this week, which I liked:

‘Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys.’
Rita Schiavo – thank you Eleanor for sharing.

‘I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness.’
Not sure who said this one but it was shared by Sian, thank you!

I hope these happy thoughts make you smile like they did for me 🙂


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